About Us

Quantum Inventions provides mobility intelligence to consumers, corporations & governments, leveraging on its integrated suite of mobility applications, enterprise logistics & analytics platforms.

About Us


To enable a totally interconnected information gateway for mass adoption of nomadic systems to allow geo-information mobility.

About the Company

Quantum Inventions Private Limited (QI) is a spin-off company from the Centre for High Performance Embedded Systems ("CHiPES") in the Nanyang With the continued presence of the core researcher team, Quantum Inventions continues to leverage on its algorithm development capability to innovate solutions with a high-barrier of entry for the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry. Quantum Inventions owns intellectual property and techniques includes hardware portable efficient dynamic routing, map-matching and map database partitioning. Leveraging on its technologies, Quantum Inventions can provide next generation dynamic navigation systems that are highly responsive to real-time information such as traffic data, road incident information, dynamic road pricing, etc.

Quantum Inventions takes a strategic view to technology development and is active in national standards activities, international standardization activities, national ITS architecture developments,national ITS industry forum and in monitoring the international developments in this industry.

Quantum Inventions is continuously seeking for value added international partners to globalize the next generations solutions and services test-bedded in Singapore.

Core Business Functions

Applications and Systems

  • High-Speed Navigation systems
  • Real-time Dynamic Navigation Systems
  • Telematics & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • In-Vehicle Portal for Advertisements and Information

Telematics Platforms for Real-time Information Services

  • TRaffic Information Platform (TRIP)
  • TRAVeller Information Systems (TRAVIS)
  • Fleet Management & Tracking Solutions
  • Location Based Services


Quantum Inventions is committed to the development of an information delivery platform at the nationwide level in Singapore. The information delivery platform will be compliant to open-standards and will serve as an open architecture for content providers and application developers.