Customizable, OEM friendly, in-car connected navigation solution and information services that deliver better value to end-users

In Car - Connected Navigation

OEMs can integrate our technology into cars,to provide an in-car navigation system with traffic connectivity. This enables them to deliver greater value to their customers. As a connected GPS navigation system, Galactio on Android works together with mapSYNQ to allow end users to personalize by synchronizing their calendars and favorites, thus, providing them a customized experience!

Information Services

Our solutions are equipped with information reception and dissemination competencies and provide users with a range of real-time traffic related information services such as traffic aware routing, road price charge minimization, notification and reminders on prayer times, weather updates, POI data, junction views and much more!


mapSYNQ’s brilliant technology provides traffic aware routing and congestion management by providing tolling information and avoidance routing. Further, mapSYNQ integrates parking availability with destination guidance that enables users to find parking easily, and know in advance, the exact cost of parking at a given time. mapSYNQ is currently popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Srilanka and is steadily expanding its footprint to serve the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.