Our easy-to-use and highly accurate real-time traffic information and navigation solutions help you move around smartly!

Galactio - Mobile

Galactio is an intelligent turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation solution, that provides you information on real-time traffic, weather, parking and reports on incidents en route. Galactio’s cutting edge technology delivers lightning fast routes, ultra-fast predictive search, compelling graphics and best in bred traffic information.

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Galactio - OBU & PND

Our flagship GPS navigation solution - Galactio is available as PND and In-dash unit to provide yopu the best driving experience! As a connected GPS navigation system, Galactio on Android works together with mapSYNQ to allow users to personalize by synchronizing their calendars and favourites thereby providing you a customized user experience.

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Connected Navigation

Today there is a need to stay connected perpetually. QI's connected navigation solution offer all rounded connectivity and can be integrated into vehicles as an OEM solution or aftermarket solution.

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mapSYNQ is a multi region (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) traffic and maps application that offers live traffic camera images, traffic incidents, ERP (toll) rates and even forecasted tolls and travel times. mapSYNQ also serves as the end user interaction stage providing for consumer relationship management through a map portal to manage preferences, software updates, map upgrades, and any other CRM related functions.

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