Galactio Mobile App

Although driving has become integral part of our lives, how fast you can reach your destination is no longer a function of a car’s performance alone. Traffic, road blocks, weather and other incidents eat away your precious time almost daily. What you need is an intelligent companion to help you navigate through traffic on a daily basis and that is where Galactio can be your best friend.

Galactio is an intelligent turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation solution that provides you information on real time traffic, weather, parking and reports on incidents en route. Galactio’s Cutting edge technology delivers lightning fast routes, ultra-fast predictive search, compelling graphics and best in bred traffic information.

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Key Features

Live Traffic Information & Traffic Avoidance Routing

Real-time ERP Rates & ERP Avoidance

Live Traffic Cameras to view Current Traffic Conditions

Feature Rich & Interactive Maps

Alert for Speed Cameras & Red Light Cameras

Warnings for Bus Lanes

Live Parking Information - includes HDB Car Parks

Share Real-time Position & ETA with Contacts