mapSYNQ is QI's traffic and motorist information dissemination platform. mapSYNQ also serves as the end user interaction stage providing for consumer relationship management through a map portal to manage preferences, software updates, map upgrades, and any other CRM related functions. mapSYNQ is the first and only full featured, multi-region (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand), traffic and maps app that offers live traffic camera images, traffic incidents, ERP (toll) rates and even forecasted tolls and travel times!

Key Features


Save frequently used routes or places to your favourites for quick and hassle free driving experience everyday!

Intelligent Routing

Choose your route based on whether you want to take the fastest, traffic aware, toll aware or the shortest route.

Live Traffic Cameras

You can click on the traffic cam icons to view pictures of real time traffic conditions or any road incidents at that time.

Live Parking

Accurate information on parking spaces available closeby. And what’s more, mapSYNQs’ Live Parking Information now includes HDB car parks!

Toll Aware

Choose alternative routes based on real time traffic conditions and ERP (toll) prices so you can give the pricey routes a slip and take the cost effective ones.

Push Notifications

Sync your calendar to receive traffic related alerts and push notifications to warn you about poss ible delays to your appointments!

Nearby POI

Find nearby points of interest such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas, ATMs and clinics together with a host of other public transport related amenities!

Real-time Data

The refresh rates for the traffic cams and parking information are under five minutes. This means the information you receive is very up-to-date!

Weather Updates

The app provides you updates on weather updates and any incidents along the course of your journey.