Over the years, Quantum Inventions has built significant IP and gathered domain expertise in the core areas of GIS, maps, traffic and routing. These have resulted in numerous outcomes, such as our platforms and applications for specific needs.

However, every now and then, a customer has a very specific requirement that may not be met in a generic platform. Towards these needs, in the past, QI has applied its domain knowledge and problem-solving capabilities to address the pain points of customers. Major projects have included the creation of routable maps based on available road data, creation of TMC Location Tables, and custom GIS projects to meet internal operational needs of our clients. Other work has included projects involving geo-location and geo-coding of non-spatial information, and the fusion of data from different real-time and non-real-time sources.

GIS Services

Right from its inception, QI has undertaken challenging projects involving GIS data management and processing. Using maps from different vendors, QI has used IT and GIS for meeting operational needs. Work has typically involved spatial data processing, geo-coding data and correlating information from spatial and non-spatial data sources. In addition, algorithms have been developed to meet custom requirements in grouping and clustering information points, and also for meaningful extraction of geo-references from structured or unstructured textual data. These techniques can now be readily applied to problems faced by companies and governments in managing spatial data from multiple sources.

Map Services

From the very beginning, QI has chosen to be map agnostic in all the work that has been done. This is now a significant strength since QI is now very familiar with maps from commercial and community sources. QI is able to work with map data from different sources, and has developed systems and algorithms that allow map dataset harmonization to port traffic information from the map used at the control centre to maps used in devices and applications. Also, significant work has been done in map data processing to make it useful for navigation and routing, and also for applications involving traffic data processing and display.

Traffic Services

Traffic is a core area at QI. QI can work with government departments to help create the necessary platforms for the creation and dissemination of traffic data. QI has also worked at all levels in the traffic data creation and dissemination area – starting from processing GPS data from vehicle fleets and going all the way to automatic positioning of journalistic information to a map, map dataset harmonization (to make the same data useful on different maps), creation of TMC Location Tables, integration of TMC Location Tables into GIS maps, and even setting up and operating an RDS-TMC service. Being a provider of platforms and applications for the creation and delivery of real-time information, QI has an end-to-end solution that starts with basic digital maps, and extends all the way to the access and use of traffic information within smart navigation systems. Beyond technology, QI also has a clear model on how these services can be monetized.

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