Core Technologies

Ever since our inception, we have worked towards developing our own technology in the areas of GIS, maps, connected navigation, traffic intelligence and real-time data processing and analysis.



TraffIQ is QI's Traffic Intelligence middleware that includes modules and systems to support the creation of traffic applications. TraffIQ can work with one or more sources of flow or journalistic information to provide an API that can be used by client applications. TraffIQ provides API for common tasks such as:

  • Querying the traffic on a road
  • Querying Incidents along a route, road or in an area
  • Finding the traffic-aware routes between two places
  • Rendering static maps for display of traffic information in client systems (such as mobile phones)
  • Displaying traffic overlay in interactive maps (such as online maps)
  • Playback of traffic data in Interactive Voice System (IVR)
  • Textual information for WAP or SMS applications

TraffIQ also provides feeds in formats, such as GeoRSS or GeoJSON to allow other systems to use the traffic data in advisory applications.


Ideally, TraffIQ needs to be combined with a traffic information source, such as QI’s Traffic Information Platform to receive traffic information. For ease of integration, TraffIQ supports traffic data location referencing using multiple schemes:

  • TMC Location Table
  • Node-Link ID
  • Link ID

The TraffIQ API can then be called by front-end applications. Applications built using TraffIQ include:

  • SMS Alert Applications
  • WAP Applications with Static Maps
  • Web Applications with Interactive Maps
  • Mobile handset applications utilizing GeoRSS feeds
  • IVR Applications for Traffic Advisory
  • Suite of personalized applications, based on traffic information.


TraffIQ has been implemented to support the following projects:

  • SingTel TrafficLIVE
  • Websites such as