Core Technologies

Much of our efforts have been directed into creating a host of scalable and futuristic technologies in areas relating to traffic intelligence.

Ever since our inception, we have worked towards developing our own technology in the areas of GIS, maps, dynamic navigation and routing, real-time data processing and analysis, traffic intelligence and traffic information creation and dissemination.

In essence, these core technologies breathe life into each of our products/solutions and are designed to bring about a greater range of accomplishment by blurring geographical boundaries to address similar issues the world over.

At the same time, these platforms can be extended to cater to new data flows, constraints and requirements. Our core technologies can be used as off-the-shelf solutions or customized to suit a specific requirement.

Our core technologies include:

  • Traffic Information Platform (TRIP)
  • Traffic Intelligence (TRAFFIQ)
  • Dynamic Routing (QORS)