In the enterprise logistics domain, we provide track & trace solutions integrated with navigation, dispatch and route optimization.


SGTrack is a ready to deploy mobility tracker that provides track & trace functionality, fleet visibility and geofencing amongst other features. SGTracks’ comprehensive user interface enables you to monitor your fleets in real-time, from any device with internet connectivity.

SGTrack is equipped with the following capabilities

  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Real-time fleet view
  • Geo-fencing
  • Vehicle usage: History and playback
  • Detailed reports
  • Monitor vehicle: Speed and idle time

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TrackSYNQ is an enterprise-grade dispatch system with integrated traffic-enabled navigation system for your mobile workforce. This functionally rich mobile application gives real-time visibility into your fleet & dispatch operations, job status, amongst other features.

TrackSYNQ is equipped with the following capabilities,

  • Job and dispatch management
  • Active scheduling
  • Fleet tracking, scheduling and optimizing
  • Efficient traffic aware drive-time routing
  • Multi device tracking
  • Cost effective and scalable

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